Customised exhibition booths design

RB Creative proposes high-quality customised exhibition areas design. From designing to turnkey delivery, we take care of each detail to provide you full and reliable solutions. RB Creative designs and sets up exhibition booths for national and international fair-trade shows, installations for events and congresses, indoor and outdoor, shops and showrooms, museums, and temporary and/or permanent exhibitions.


our approach

Every installation should be able to communicate values and ideas, considering both identity and history. We directly take care of any single step of the project, from briefing and consultation to project management, design and booth’s setting up, to turnkey delivery, always ensuring a high-quality result combining craftsmanship and innovation.

Project management step by step...

Consultation and designing

Our technical department is made up of professionals, architects and designers and it represents the main point of reference for the customers, working side by side from briefing and consultation phase to the end of the event.

Collaboration with architects and designers

Our team makes customer’s ideas come true, by designing exhibition areas able to attract and excite. We work together with the most famous architecture studios for developing any kind of installation.

Graphics’ study and creation

We study solutions able to convey your ideas with originality and efficacy, through the implementation of both traditional and innovative materials to constantly meet the needs of design world.

Customer care and project management

We provide timely and specialist assistance for managing all bureaucratic and organisational aspects related to each event. Our customer service will support you in all stages, from the enrolment procedure to the participation in the event and safety management practices.

Setting up and building

We create highly customised exhibition booths thanks to our qualified and diversified staff (made up of welders, carpenters, woodworkers, painters, and technicians in electrical and hydraulic engineering plants).

Furniture and lighting system

We propose design furniture according to the needs of the customers and we produce customised pieces of furniture able to make the exhibition area a welcoming and high-impact place. In parallel, lighting system is adapted according to the exhibition area and the products shown in the booth.

Transportation and setting up

We carefully organise and take care of each single aspect of the project, from transportation, to setting up and turnkey delivery service. Apart from using our corporate motor vehicle, we collaborate with the most reliable carriers globally.

Dismantling and storage

At the end of the event, after the dismantling of the area, all materials are carefully stored at our warehouse ensuring their good storage conditions and allowing the re-use of them with a view to possible future events. We are committed in re-using end-of-use products according to circular economy principles.

...exhibition area for every occasion

Exhibition stand design for national and international trade shows

Designing and producing an installation for a trade show it is not just simply creating a container, but expressing the image of your company, enhancing your products and services, winning the increasingly demanding challenge of visibility, communication, and innovation. We interpret these needs with creativity, looking for new materials, technological and organisational versatility, delivery reliability and consolidated know-how. We design and execute exhibition areas and booths for the main trade shows held in Italy and abroad.

Eco-friendly booths safeguarding the environment

Nowadays, sustainability is not an option but the only possible way. After a careful study and selection of materials available on the market, we can produce your exhibition booth or installation by exclusively using eco-friendly materials, taking care of each detail together with the customers. For being successful also in favour of the planet where we live.

Installations and furniture for shops, showrooms, and stores

Creating an installation intended for a shop or a showroom means creating a setting able to welcome and engage, and moreover enhance the brand and the products to show. We take care of the planning and the designing of the installation in each phase: from building and engineering to the supply of pieces of furniture. Together with the customer, we design the solution able to reflect the identity of the brand and product. We work within Luxury Outlets, department stores, shopping malls and shops, in Italy and abroad.

Exhibition solutions for museums, shows, temporary and permanent installations

The expertise acquired in the field of exhibition stand design for trade fairs over the years enabled us to increase our skills and services serving other sectors, as the one of museums and exhibitions. Museum and artistic installations have special requirements which imply a particular care, also considering the exhibition area where the installation is set, as well as the nature of exhibited works. Our team will work side by side with the customer, ensuring high-quality in the finishing of each element, the safety of the work and the functionality of the installation.

Event and congress organisation and management

The organisation of an event or congress should consider many aspects as finding an adequate location, defining the creative concept, choosing the innovative and interactive multimedia technologies, but also looking for complementary services as catering, reception and hospitality service, communication and promotion, translation, and conference interpreting. Our expertise and versatility, combined with the collaboration with qualified and selected partners, enable us to manage and organise exhibition areas and solutions for meetings, congresses, and events, both for private entities and for companies, associations, or institutions.

Interior design for contract and companies

Thanks to the strong collaboration with the world most valuable brands within furniture industry and to our long-time experience in designing exhibition solutions for every occasion, we are now specialised in designing, producing, and setting up custom-made pieces of furniture for contract and corporate areas. We work by carefully selecting materials, embellishing them carrying out special finishing effects. We process and treat wood, stone, glass, and iron as well as synthetic materials as polymers, resins, and plastics, always searching for the balance between functionality and design, where elegance and suitability merge in a unique and original style.