Who we are?

Expertise and competence matched with creativity to provide customised solutions. For more than 40 years, we have been servicing excellence.

The company was born at the beginning of the Eighties from the collaboration and the entrepreneurial initiative of two friends, Antonio Ramella Gal and Giorgio Barbera, young industrial experts both driven by the passion for ‘creating with Italian style’. Together they funded Ba.Ra.Za, which later became IM.FAC and finally Cartotecnica Errebi in 1983, working for processing, packaging and shipping catalogues, brochures and magazines for large-scale retailers, publishing industry and mail order companies. 

From the very beginning, the company followed the desire for meeting the needs of the companies set in Biella, a territory characterised by a strong textile-wool tradition; for this reason, apart from providing packaging and mailing services, the company started to work creating and setting up fabric samples and textile collections, designing and preparing colour cards and textile collection samples for fashion and furniture industry. 

When the second generation of the families entered the company, the range of provided services had expanded, thanks to the implementation and the development of a new service related to the designing and setting up of booths for fair trades, exhibitions, conferences, conventions, shops, showrooms, and museums. Innovation goes on and adapts to current market needs, thanks to the implementation of new technologies and services.

Our history in brief…

Cartotecnica ERREBI was born, and its activity started in the facilities set in Valdengo (Biella).
The company moved to Vigliano Biellese (Biella) and with its new headquarter the production area increased.
ERREBI celebrated its first ten years of activity by further enlarging production areas inaugurating the new department for the designing and setting up of textile collections and colour cards.
The company expanded again its production capacity by implementing new machineries for packaging and cellophaning catalogues, advertisement materials, etc.
ERREBI increased the surface of production areas by building a logistic hub with interior postal offices for directly managing postal shipping and delivery services.
ERREBI continued to enlarge its activities, introducing new machineries intended for bookbinding services.
The second generation entered the company purchasing new warehouses in Ponderano (Biella), and ERREBI launched the new service related to the design and the setting up of exhibition booths, bringing the company to be acknowledged for its quality and professionalism internationally.
The company celebrated its 35 years of activity enlarging once more its area by purchasing a new facility in Gaglianico (Biella).
Cartotecnica ERREBI became RB Creative, the new concept brand where creativity merges with quality, expertise and professionalism which have always distinguished ERREBI… through a new corporate image.
Innovation continues… we have been able to address the current challenges looking for new solutions and processing new eco-friendly materials in a sustainable way.

RB Creative’s team at your service

RB Creative is a family made up of professionals, technicians and operators working together every day by pursuing just one objective: satisfying our customers. We’d like to be your reliable partner because we strongly believe in our job, and we care about changing an idea… into a successful project!

Commitment and passion for local territory

We have always been interested in the territory where we work, indeed thanks to its inhabitants and its great firms we had the opportunity to build and become a strong entrepreneurial, dynamic, and efficient reality. That’s why we are committed in promoting and supporting many local activities, both social and sports ones, as basketball, rugby, volley, and football’s local teams, which perfectly represent the values of fairness and dedication that have always distinguished us. Every time, we are proud to know that our commitment has contributed over time to train and educate hundreds of young athletes. Every year, we allocate part of our internal resources to support and promote local events of social and cultural interest, as Bolle di Malto and Reload Music Festival. RB Creative is always available to contribute to worthy activities and projects, able to represent those values we have always believed in.

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