“The civilization of stilts” at Villa Mirabello in Varese

On July the 25th, the interactive exhibition about stilt houses carried out and developed by our staff in collaboration with auroraMeccanica studio has been inaugurated and it will be open until September 2022. The archaeological exhibition set up in Villa Mirabello talks about the life of our ancestors.

An exhibition designed for those who ignore archaeology: young students from Varese, citizens who want to delve into their story. Archaeological finds belonging to the historic collection of Villa Mirabello have been chosen among the simplest and daily life ones. Graphics can be activated by pressing the drawn footprints or the virtual buttons on the map, the guided tour and the explanation are activated by stepping on the carpet in front of the plough or the oven’s reproduction: a step forward to enjoy a rich museum as the one in Varese”. (VareseNews, 2021)

Our approach in carrying out the exhibition area aims at experiencing something, not just learning, that is why interactivity represents an essential tool in engaging visitors within the exhibition.

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