“Who the Bær” at Fondazione Prada

‘Who the Bær’ exhibition by artist Simon Fujiwara has been shown at the podium in Fondazione Prada Milano from April the 29th to September the 27th.
“Through the central character, a bear with no clear identity, Fujiwara tells the audience a training path made up of drawings, collages, sculptures, and animation, shown through a site-specific structure. Inside the big labyrinth almost totally made of cardboard and recyclable materials, Who the Bær was born from an elementary graphic sign, before delving into a series of adventures coming with Who in its original world”. (Fondazione Prada, 2021)

RBCreative has been in charge of producing the setting up of the exhibition, which represented a great challenge that we were able to catch and live with the passion and the creativity that have been distinguished us.

Photo Credits Fondazione Prada